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Firm Profile
Firm Profile

Claxton Architects provides professional services in architecture, urban design and planning. Located in Macon,
Georgia, the firm has been actively engaged in design and planning issues for public and private projects since its
inception in 1994. Project types include civic, institutional, urban design, historic preservation, commercial and
residential work.

The firm is a skilled participant and facilitator in the design and construction process. Extensive project experience
lends value and efficiency to our approach to design services. Russell Claxton brings over 30 years experience in a wide
range of projects through all phases, from programming and preliminary design to closeout. The firm focuses on select
projects and a high degree of design integration. This integration results from extensive experience in the assessment of
existing architectural and urban contexts, which launches unique solutions fitted to the goals and requirements of the

In the Macon community, Claxton Architects co-authored with W.P. Thompson, AIA a major-thoroughfare circulation
plan for a six square mile intown area that has been implemented over the past several years. At the state level, Russell
Claxton has served on three Department of Transportation policy panels and commissions. At the national level he has
represented the American Institute of Architects and AIA Georgia in government affairs policy regarding state and federal

The firmís performance standards derive from those of past clients. These clients include the Georgia Trust for Historic
Preservation, Georgia State Finance and Investment Corporation, Newtown Macon, the City of Macon and other public
sector agencies, churches, non-profits, schools and private developers. The firmís work always reflects the objectives of
the projectís owner and users, and remains focused on aesthetic quality from program development through completion
of construction.

All material shown is copyrighted and may not be copied or reproduced in any manner without the written permission of
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