Claxton Architects

Full architectural services are offered.

Preliminary design, design development, construction documents, bidding or negotiation and construction
administration represent the traditional listing of full services by architecture firms.

Construction management, or construction cost management, is an optional additional service which may be
appropriate. The construction manager acts as an agent of the owner. Advantages of construction management can
include faster project mobilization, transparency in costs, and the assurance that the designer and the manager of
construction, as a single entity, are without conflict and solely represent the interests of the owner at each stage of
the project. Owner representation has always been the role of the architect, and the contracting arrangement of
construction management reduces the tendency for an adversarial owner-contractor relationship because the general
contractor function is removed. Direct contracts between the owner and each sub-contractor places each
sub-contractor in the role of a prime contract, without intervening interests and markups of an overall general
contractor. This is not to say that the traditional design-bid-build method of project delivery is inherently
disadvanageous, at all. Use of the architect as construction manager is simply an alternative to consider within the
context of any project.

Consultants for various services may be added. Typically, structural design, mechanical, electrical and plumbing,
interiors and landscape may all may be done in-house or contracted with consultants. All but the smaller projects do
involve the use of consultants.

All contracts are provided under the format of the American Institute of Architects.